1 Season Dec 2023

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0 Seasons Nov 2023

Discover the heartbeat of Australian Brazilian Jiu Jitsu with the NSWBJJF (New South Wales Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Federation). Boasting over two decades of rich tradition, this powerhouse has been a driving force in propelling the growth of Jiu Jitsu across Australia.At the forefront of the Australian BJJ community, the NSWBJJF is synonymous with excellence, organizing prestigious events that have become integral to the nation's grappling calendar. The Autumn Cup, Winter Cup, and Summer Cup stand as testament to their commitment to fostering a vibrant and competitive Jiu Jitsu scene.Step into a world where skill meets tradition, where enthusiasts and competitors converge from all corners to participate in these iconic tournaments. The NSWBJJF is not just an organization; it's a hub for passion, sportsmanship, and the relentless pursuit of mastery in the art of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Join us on the mat and be part of a legacy that spans over two eventful decades.

Martial Arts Open Invitational – MAOI 2023

1 Season Nov 2023

"Join us for the Martial Arts Open Invitational, where we're uniting the diverse world of martial arts under one roof! Our mission is to celebrate the spirit of martial arts, and in 2023, we've organized nine exciting events, with even more on the horizon for 2024.Our most recent event in Sydney was a resounding success, featuring thrilling No Gi Super Fights and action-packed matches throughout the day. The enthusiasm in the Light Kick and MMA Novice divisions is palpable, and athletes are eagerly anticipating what 2024 will bring.We kick off the new year with an event like no other - #1. It's an invitational No Gi 8-men tournament, where top-tier athletes will vie for the coveted $1,000 prize. Mark your calendars for January 28th, as this event takes place at the Sutherland Basketball Stadium.But that's not all! We're excited to announce our partnership with BJJ DownUnder. You can catch all the heart-pounding action from the Martial Arts Open Invitational on their website at Don't miss a moment of the thrilling competition and the union of martial arts enthusiasts. Join us in celebrating the power and passion of martial arts in 2024


1 Season Sep 2023

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